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Clinic provide treatments as follows:

1.    Acupuncture is used to stimulate specific points to activate meridians and vessels, and regulate human body energy distribution. It can be used for not only the treatment of diseases, but health preservation. Our clinic uses disposable acupuncture instruments, which are safe and clean.










 2.    Moxibustion: It has a longer history than acupuncture. It is a TCM therapy with traditional characteristics. Burning moxa is used to stimulate relevant meridians and points gently for a long time to in order to dispell cold and humidity, activate blood and envigarate vitality. It is very fit for those with weak and cold physical conditions. It has remarkable curative effect on people with such diseases as fatigue syndromes, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhoea disease, allergic diseases and adiposity.







Medicated moxibustion: Medicated poles prepared with valuable Chinese herbs are burnt with a view toward treatment through the fragrance and heat of the medical ingredients. It has remarkable curative effect on obesity, pollen-allergy disease, eyesight fatigue, gynecology diseases, male diseases and pains by adopting various formulas of medical ingredients.

Moxibustion: It can be used to treat, in a sole or auxiliary manner, various diseases caused by cold factors, pains and insomnia.

3.     Massage




Meridian regulating TCM massage: massage can not only have curative effect on partial diseases, but have effect on improving physical conditions by massage-based stimulation of points and meridians according to eh consultation and meridian test results.

Message for health preservation: It is a way of relaxing muscles, relieving fatigue, easing mental and physical conditions and improving over-all health.

4.  Chiropractic therapy targets the treatment of such bone, joint, muscle and physique problems as cervical vertebra diseases, chronic lumbago, knee joint pain and chronic headache by adopting special adjustment methods including physique analysis, technique adjustment, stance and walking regulation, self-regulation, exercise for posture regulation and point application. The application of chiropractic therapy can reach the effect of improving posture and treating various acute and chronic pains. It has fundamental curative effect on bone joint deformation and structural disorders caused by long-term bad posture or a sudden blow.

5.  Cupping is a special treatment of Chinese traditional medicines. Through the use of cups, cupping creates a vacuum which stimulates points to motivate the function of the channel, meridians or vessels in the cupping points, make the blood and breath vigorous, remove blood –stasis and regulate internal organs. As a traditional therapy, it is widely applied to evidence-based treatment of various diseases.

   Warm cupping

                              Warm cupping

6.  Scrape therapy is a natural treatment method. Through the use of edge tools and medium coated on skin, it can make the points congest by scraping the meridians, channels and points on the surface of the skin so as to improve the partial micro-circulation and dredge the channels and meridians, and regulate internal organs. It is widely used for evidence-based treatment of various diseases.     

                                                                                                    Scrape therapy

7.  Fumigation is a kind of immersion treatment of the human body in whole or in part with selected medical ingredients according to the physical conditions of a patient. Through the heating function of medicated fluid, it can reach the function of promoting metabolic effect without any burden on stomach or intestines. As a traditional external therapy of TCM, it has direct curative effect on various pain diseases, skin diseases and adiposity. In addition, it has good auxiliary curative effect on symptoms caused by cold factors, hypertensions, chronic diseases of obstetrics and gynecology and insomnia It can also ease stress, relive fatigue and can often be used for health preservation.

8.  Deep foot bath is a kind of therapy in which the feet are immersed in medical ingredients selected in accordance with various physical conditions, so it has good auxiliary curative effect on diseased caused by cold factors, hypertension, bone arthropathy, chronic diseases of obstetrics and gynecology, poor blood circulation and insomnia.

      Foot bath with Chinese Herbal medicine

                         Foot bath with Chinese Herbal medicine

9. Physical therapy (infrared ray, ultra shortwave, and acusector therapy etc.) Corresponding therapy is chosen according to doctor’s diagnosis. It is a non-drug therapy for auxiliary treatment.

     10. TCM psychological analysis and Learning by observing


TCM psychological analysis: based on TCM psychological therapy, it covers independent psychological consulting and tutoring in view of the personal situations of patients. It has remarkable effect on such mental and psychological diseases as anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, personal relation stress, early hypertension,and stomach disease.


Learning by observing: Under the guidance of experts, the exercise of body, emotion and consciousness can help improve attention, sensitivity and reach gradual self-improvement and better mental and psychical conditions. It has remarkable effect on some emotional disorders, in-depth communication problems, cognition problems and various mental and psychical disorders. It also has shown to positively affect those who incline toward perfectionism and those who suffer from sensitive mental and physical conditions.






Provide Treatments

provide treatmentsAcupuncture is used to stimulate specific points to activate meridians and vessels, and regulate human body energy distribution.

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